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Contact Information
Cimarron Valley Sod
3818 E Riverbend Rd
Cushing, OK 74023
(918) 387-2326
(918) 387-4267 FAX

Cimarron Valley Sod Farm

Cimarron Valley Sod Farm
3818 E Riverbend Rd | Cushing, OKlahoma 74023
Specializing in U-3 Bermuda | Phone: 918-387-2326
FAX: 918-387-4267 | Email: loftis@cowboy.net

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 Cimarron Valley Sod Farm is a family owned and operated business. We have been serving Stillwater and the surrounding areas for over 18 years.

 We specialize in raising, delivering, and installing bermuda grass sod. We also focus on customer satisfaction.
If you're not satisified, we're not satisified.

Our advertising comes from our customers.
We cut and deliver only fresh bermuda grass sod.

 If you would like to pick up sod at our farm, located 20 miles East of Stillwater, we cut it fresh while you wait. Give us a call before you come.

We are proud members of the Oklahoma Sod Producers Association

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